Let us introduce you to Marmet. They are family owned and operated business located in a small town in Slovenia, near the Italian border. They have been around for the past 40 years and are well known for their great quality and amazing customer service.

When we first started to plan the new strategy for Marmet, Gregor (the CEO) had some doubts. Just like anybody would have. However, the quick results spoke for themselves. In a quick short month after the implementation, Marmet has already doubled its website traffic by 100 %. This was followed by an amazing 250 % gain in website traffic in the next 3 months that followed. The first online orders started rolling in, which led to cutting business expenses by 19 %. 

Before the upgrade and the much needed changes.

Poor online presence

As the leading Lifting equipment manufacturer, Marmet had a really poor online presence. At some point, even customers started to complain about it.

Imagine being the customer that had to go through massive PDF catalogs just to see if this is the piece you needed. Not good. 

On the right side, you can see the confusing product landing pages. The users had to go through this and configure different products by their needs. You can just imagine the frustration on the communication level between the customer and Marmet. 

Old way - complex product configurations and pages

Working with a digital agency

Gregor (the CEO of Marmet), started working with numerous digital agencies, just to find out that this would always end up being waste of time. 

Not only did they get expensive, but they also had no clue what Marmet did and how Marmets business operates. They had no understanding of the lifting equipment industry. As such a lack of knowledge and experiences, Gregor’s input was always needed. 

This led to a lot of wasted time and investing an extraordinary amount of the Marmets team’s time. If Gregor was to continue, the cost of the Marmets team would have gone through the roof and as a result, they would lose a tremendous amount of business.

After the upgrade

A new way of online sales was introduced to the industry. 

  • The new way allows the slings to be shown from all angels and every possible configuration.
  • Easily accessible information about a sling.
  • Online e-commerce catalog, that is enjoyable to browse and drives up to 1000% more sales.
  • Great customer experience, which will lead to returning and loyal customers.

What were the Remarkable & Impressive Outcomes?


250 % increase in website traffic in the first three months after the implementation

The pandemic

We started the project in February 2020, just before the virus hit Europe. What happened next? In March Slovenia headed into a lockdown, resulting in shutting down all the stores except the food supermarkets. Businesses like Marmet were battling with loss of income. Throughout the summer the website started to pick up traffic and later in 2020 we paired it with paid ads. As Slovenia entered in the second wave of virus cases, this was the best decision ever made. This resulted in ending 2020 with 10 % better performance than first expected. We finished 2020 on a good note and saw an opportunity to 

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